EDFA-WDM Optical Network Analysis


Optical network that apply wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) is currently widely used in existing telecommunications infrastructures and is expected to play a significant role in next generation networks and the future Internet supporting a large variety of services having very different requirements in terms of bandwidth, latency, reliability and other features. The purpose of this paper is to design a simulation of WDM Optical Network in terms of length and pump power. The system is simulated using Optisystem software to achieve gain flatness, BER (Bit error rate), and noise figure of EDFA through optimized fiber length and pump power. The gains are flattened within 38±0.5dB from 1546nm to 1558nm band of wavelength with bit error rate (BER) < 10-4and noise figure (NF) <9dB for 16-channels simultaneous amplification in a single stage EDFA. The results obtain from simulation are compared with the result from the previous journal.

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