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ECNU at TREC 2016: Web-based query expansion and experts diagnosis in Medical Information Retrieval

  title={ECNU at TREC 2016: Web-based query expansion and experts diagnosis in Medical Information Retrieval},
  author={Hongyu Liu and Yang Song and Yun He and Yueyao Wang and Qinmin Hu and Liang He},
In this paper, we present our work in TREC 2016 Clinical Decision Support Track. Among five submitted runs, two of them are based on summary topics and the others on note topics. In summary version run, we expand the original text with external data on web. Note topics are much longer than the summary, which contain a significant number of medical abbreviations as well as other linguistic jargon and style. An automatic method and a manual method are applied to process note topics. In the… Expand
Potentiality of healthcare big data: Improving search by automatic query reformulation
This paper aims to tackle verbose queries and proposes a new automatic query reformulation method, which not only considers query expansion, but also includes query reduction, which improves the searching performance by refining the query to effectively avoid irrelevant results. Expand
An adaptive term proximity based rocchio’s model for clinical decision support retrieval
Experimental results demonstrate that the proposed HRoc and HRoc_AP models superior to other advanced models, such as PRoc2 and TF-PRF methods on various evaluation metrics, and a new concept of term proximity feedback weight is proposed. Expand
Self-Attention based Network For Medical Query Expansion
The aim of clinical decision support implementing electronic health records is to satisfy the physicians’ information needs, and a self-attention based network on query expansion is proposed, not only considering the score of a single term as an expansion term, but also taking the scores of term combination into account. Expand
A New Biomedical Passage Retrieval Framework for Laboratory Medicine: Leveraging Domain-specific Ontology, Multilevel PRF, and Negation Differential Weighting
The study results indicate that the proposed CDS search framework specifically designed for passage retrieval of biomedical literature represents a practically viable choice for clinicians as it supports their decision-making processes by providing relevant passages extracted from the sources that they prefer to refer to, with improved performances. Expand
Benchmarking Clinical Decision Support Search
Using a stable platform, the system is able to compare different document and query processing techniques, allowing the participants to experiment with different search parameters, and can statistically test a variety of hypotheses, paving the way for further research. Expand
Query Expansion Study for Clinical Decision Support


ECNU at 2015 CDS Track: Two Re-ranking Methods in Medical Information Retrieval
This paper summarizes our work on the TREC 2015 Clinical Decision Support Track. We present a customized learningto-rank algorithm and a query term position based re-ranking model to better satisfyExpand
Passage extraction and result combination for genomics information retrieval
This paper proposes algorithms for passage extraction to build indices for the purpose of generating more accurate passages as query answers and an improved result combination method to combine the retrieved results from different indices, and a novel method that uses factor analysis to generate a better baseline result for combination. Expand
Overview of the TREC 2014 Clinical Decision Support Track
The focus of the 2014 track was the retrieval of biomedical articles relevant for answering generic clinical questions about medical records, using short case reports, such as those published in biomedical articles, as idealized representations of actual medical records. Expand
Probabilistic Models in Information Retrieval
  • N. Fuhr
  • Computer Science
  • Comput. J.
  • 1992
An introduction and survey over probabilistic information retrieval (IR) is given: the probability-ranking principle shows that optimum retrieval quality can be achieved under certain assumptions; a conceptual model for IR along with the corresponding event space clarify the interpretation of the Probabilistic parameters involved. Expand
Probability models for information retrieval based on divergence from randomness
This thesis devises a novel methodology based on probability theory, suitable for the construction of term-weighting models of Information Retrieval, and shows that even language modelling approach can be exploited to assign term-frequency normalization to the models of divergence from randomness. Expand
Implicit feedback for inferring user preference: a bibliography
Traditional relevance feedback methods require that users explicitly give feedback by specifying keywords, selecting and marking documents, or answering questions about their interests, which can be difficult to collect the necessary data and the effectiveness of explicit techniques can be limited. Expand
terrier information retrieval platform. advances in information retrieval
  • terrier information retrieval platform. advances in information retrieval
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terrier information retrieval platform. advances in information retrieval
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Hersh . Overview of the TREC 2015 Clinical Decision Support Track
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