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  author={Nizar Hussein Wali},
Language learning is qualitatively different from other types of learning, because special qualifications and training are required for the English language teacher. Each of the well–known methods (e.g. grammar–translation, reading, audio–lingual and communicative) has its own features concerning language learning. Some of these approaches and methods are better or more effective than others. Yet they all have some weaknesses and some strength. Methods may supplement one another especially when… 
Eclecticism in Teaching English Vocabulary
Eclecticism is a multi-sensory language approach which involves different language learning methods rather than sticking into one approach. This research is based on teachers’ use of Eclecticism in
A comparative study of teaching grammar in Bangla and English medium schools
This paper is concerned with grammar teaching technique of Bangla and English medium schools in Bangladesh. It also tries to compare the teaching styles of these two different types of mediums.
The Eclectic Approach on One-To-One Teaching Indonesian for Foreigner
Indonesian has been considerably preferred and extensively taught by many foreigners for various causes and purposes so that its teaching (Indonesian for foreigners or BIPA) has attracted more
Eclectic Method: From Theory to Practice at the Tertiary Level
Article History Published Online: 07 September 2018 Twentieth and twenty-first centuries saw number of research on teaching second language to different learners. It tried to answer different issues,
Teachers’ Understanding and Attitudes towards the Eclectic Method to Language Teaching in Zambia. J. Educ. Manage. Stud., 7(1): 01-15.;
Zambia is a multilingual country and it is estimated that it has 73 dialects which can be collapsed into between 30 to 45 languages. English is the only officially sanctioned language for
Managing Large Heterogeneous Second Language Classrooms: Problems with Teaching and Eclectic Solutions
What is a large class and heterogeneous class in Indian conditions in relation to other developing and developed countries and how teachers manage those problems in the large classes given to them is discussed.
A Novice Teacher's Experience of Practicing Eclecticism in a Foreign Adult Classroom.
This article intends to highlight some of the experiences that an International novice English teacher had in the classroom of some pre-degree students of Malaysia, who werein their twenties. As a
The Eclectic Approach as a Therapy for Teaching English as a Foreign Language to the Arab Students
The purpose of this study is to examine the Eclectic Approach as a Therapy for Teaching English as a Foreign Language to the Arab Students. The present study is a experimental method which involves
The Implementation of Eclectic Methods in Arabic Learning Based on All in One System Approach
This research provided a new model to implementation the methods, specifically eclectic method and their connection with Arabic language skills and the use of an eclectic method based on all in one system approach (integrated approach) which can facilitate Arabic language teaching.
Application and justification of Eclectic Approach (an innovative teaching style) for ELT practitioners in both Private and Public Universities in Bangladesh
  • Sumya Alam
  • Education
    International Journal of Humanities and Social Science
  • 2020
Received: December 08, 2020 Accepted: January 03, 2021 Volume: 3 Issue: 1 DOI: 10.32996/ijels.2021.3.1.3 The use of modern innovative techniques is an essential requirement for language pedagogy. One