ECL cells: biology and pathobiology.

  title={ECL cells: biology and pathobiology.},
  author={Rolf H{\aa}kanson and Duan Chen and Y K Tielemans and Kjell Andersson and Birgitta Ryberg and Frank Sundler and Hillevi Mattsson},
  volume={55 Suppl 3},
During recent years, the so-called ECL cells of the acid-producing part of the stomach have attracted much attention, mainly due to the fact that mice and rats were found to develop gastric carcinoids (ECL cell tumors) following life-long treatment with blockers of acid secretion. These observations touched off concern about the safety of the long-term clinical use of such drugs. The ECL cells are the predominant endocrine cell population in the oxyntic mucosa. They produce histamine… CONTINUE READING


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