E31-K352, the minimal cation binding moiety of Na+,K(+)-ATPase.


Upon limited tryptic fragmentation of Na+,K(+)-ATPase a 35 kDa fragment (E31-K352) was formed that bound 204Tl+ on blot. Further fragmentation led to loss of binding, pointing to the conclusion that E31-K352 is the minimal cation binding unit in Na+,K(+)-ATPase.


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@article{Stekhoven1998E31K352TM, title={E31-K352, the minimal cation binding moiety of Na+,K(+)-ATPase.}, author={F M A H Schuurmans Stekhoven}, journal={Biochemical and biophysical research communications}, year={1998}, volume={245 2}, pages={366-9} }