E2T: End-to-End Tunnelling Extension to Mobile IPv6


In the standard Mobile IPv6 (MIPv6), the bidirectional tunnelling through the home agent or the route optimization show inefficiency in per-packet routing, especially when both communicating endpoints are mobile. To be scalable and compatible, mobile devices’ packets should be routed efficiently with minimal changes to the network infrastructure. However, the current solutions do not provide any means for the end systems to perform optimized packet routing during the operation of the mobile devices. In this paper, we present an end-to-end tunnelling extension to MIPv6 (ET) for mobile routing packets, which reduces the per-packet routing cost for the communications of mobile devices through the lower packet routing overhead. Besides, our approach requires little change to MIPv6, but allows the more efficient routing behavior with the shorter end-to-end transmission latency between communicating endpoints. The simulation results show our approach is suitable for real-time multimedia applications.

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