E2F transcriptional activation requires TRRAP and GCN5 cofactors.

  title={E2F transcriptional activation requires TRRAP and GCN5 cofactors.},
  author={Steven E Lang and Steven B. McMahon and Michael D. Cole and Patrick Hearing},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={276 35},
The E2F family of transcription factors regulates the temporal transcription of genes involved in cell cycle progression and DNA synthesis. E2F transactivation is antagonized by retinoblastoma protein (pRb), which recruits chromatin-remodeling proteins such as histone deacetylases and SWI.SNF complexes to the promoter to repress transcription. We hypothesized that E2F proteins must reverse the pRb-imposed chromatin structure to stimulate transcription. If this is true, E2F proteins should… CONTINUE READING
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