E.A. Markham’s St. Caesare: the other “Ulster”?

  title={E.A. Markham’s St. Caesare: the other “Ulster”?},
  author={Dawn Miranda Sherratt-Bado},
  journal={Irish Studies Review},
  pages={191 - 206}
Abstract This essay examines the invented Caribbean island of St. Caesare and its relation to the representational space of “Ulster” in Montserratian poet E.A. Markham’s collection Letter from Ulster and the Hugo Poems (1993). As the title of the book implies, it unites two of the poet’s home islands, Ireland and Montserrat. Ireland was Markham’s home at the moment when he drafted many of these poems, as he was Writer-in-Residence at the University of Ulster at Coleraine from 1988 to 1991… 


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