E-waste scenario in India, its management and implications

  title={E-waste scenario in India, its management and implications},
  author={Sushant B. Wath and P. S. Dutt and Tapan Chakrabarti},
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Electronic waste or E-waste comprises of old, end-of-life electronic appliances such as computers, laptops, TVs, DVD players, refrigerators, freezers, mobile phones, MP3 players, etc., which have been disposed of by their original users. E-waste contains many hazardous constituents that may negatively impact the environment and affect human health if not properly managed. Various organizations, bodies, and governments of many countries have adopted and/or developed the environmentally sound… 

Review on E-Waste Along with Its Management

The name given to all electronic and electrical appliances that are at the end of their lives is electronic waste commonly known as e-waste. In short, e-waste is a term that cuddles different forms

A Review on E-waste Management and Recycling Challenges in India

Electronics industry is the world’s largest and fastest growing manufacturing industry. But the increase in sales of electronic equipments and their rapid obsolescence such as advancement in

Efficient management of e-wastes

Electricals and electronic equipments that have reached its utilization period are disposed by the consumer are considered as e-waste. The categories of e-waste range from household appliances to

Evaluation of e-waste status, management strategies, and legislations

  • P. ThakurS. Kumar
  • Economics
    International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology
  • 2021
E-waste is the globally mounting solid waste stream which is increasing due to domestic as well as a result of transboundary exportation. This solid waste stream is considered as an amalgam of

Present E-waste Handling and Disposal Scenario in India : Planning for Future Management

In developing country like India E-waste management is being reckoned as a challenging task due to unplanned discarding of E-waste along with municipal solid waste. A “systematic & scientific” trade

Handling E-Waste in Malaysia: Management,Policies and Strategies

One of the concerns of life is the generation of waste. In today’s modern life, the generation of the new type of waste is the waste of electrical and electronic equipment’s or e-waste becoming a

Commercial E- waste management: Role of industry and Government

Electronic waste or e-waste describes discarded electrical or electronic devices. Used electronics which are destined for reuse, resale, salvage, recycling or disposal are also considered e-waste.

E-waste: Global Scenario, Constituents, and Biological Strategies for Remediation

Global technology development and industrialization have led to the increased usage of electronic gadgets. Electronic waste or e-waste is one of the emerging environmental issues in the developing

E-Waste Management Practices and Perception about its Health Hazards

© 2022 International Journal of Preventive Medicine | Published by Wolters Kluwer Medknow Sir, E‐waste is the fastest growing waste in the solid waste stream.[1] As per E‐waste (Management and



Taking the WEEE [EU waste electrical and electronic equipment directive]

The EU waste electrical and electronic equipment directive is already part of EU law. Now is the time to start working with solution providers to ensure you adopt a tailored, economic solution. The

A Comparison of North American Electronics Recycling Systems

  • J. GregoryR. Kirchain
  • Business
    Proceedings of the 2007 IEEE International Symposium on Electronics and the Environment
  • 2007
A framework for evaluating the economic performance of a recycling system is proposed and data from four electronics recycling systems in North America (Alberta, California, Maine, and Maryland) that

UK to finally implement the WEEE Directive

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India

TRAI is organizing Customer Outreach Programme in different parts of the country. These programmes are primarily intended to outreach to the customers, industry bodies, State Govt. and various

Mechanical recycling of consumer electronic scrap

Consumer electronic equipment (brown goods), such as television sets, radio sets, and video recorders, are most common. However, recycling of consumer electronic scrap is only beginning. Characteri

European Union Waste Electronic Electrical Waste (WEEE) Directive

  • Brussels: EU.
  • 2002

E-waste: Implications, Regulations and Management in India and Current Global Best Practices

Environmentally Sound Management of E-Waste