E-bikes in the Mainstream: Reviewing a Decade of Research

  title={E-bikes in the Mainstream: Reviewing a Decade of Research},
  author={Elliot K. Fishman and Christopher R. Cherry},
  journal={Transport Reviews},
  pages={72 - 91}
Abstract Electric bicycles (e-bikes) represent one of the fastest growing segments of the transport market. Over 31 million e-bikes were sold in 2012. Research has followed this growth and this paper provides a synthesis of the most pertinent themes emerging over the past on the burgeoning topic of e-bikes. The focus is transport rather than recreational e-bike research, as well as the most critical research gaps requiring attention. China leads the world in e-bike sales, followed by the… 
The rise of the e-bike: Towards an extension of the practice of cycling?
A theoretical framework to address (e-)cycling based on the notions of motility (individuals’ cycling potential) and bikeability (spaces’ hosting potential) is proposed and shows that the e-bike makes it possible to overcome some of the barriers faced by conventional cyclists, such as distance, gradient and physical effort.
The Electric Bicycle: Worldwide Research Trends
The bicycle has gone from being an old-fashioned recreational product to a less polluting means of transport and a compact, ultra-light personal mobility tool. This is how electrical bicycles will be
The two-wheeled renaissance in China—an empirical review of bicycle, E-bike, and motorbike development
Abstract This paper is an empirical review of the development of two-wheeled transport, comprising human-powered bicycles, E-bikes, and motorbikes in China from 1985 to 2019, aimed at investigating
An Overview of Existing Experiences with Solar-Powered E-Bikes
This review paper explores existing literature findings for the use of solar energy in transportation, and more specifically in e-bikes, and presents research conducted so far on e- bikes and solar-powered e- bikes, as well as the main technical features of the solar e-bike.
The impact of e-cycling on travel behaviour: A scoping review
From bike to electric bike level-of-service
The results suggest that there is a limited number of studies that whether explicitly evaluate ELOS or consider the e-bike in the BLOS analysis, thus potentially affecting ELOS developments and a preliminary conceptual framework for the development of ELOS is proposed.
Expanding the Scope of the Bicycle Level-of-Service Concept: A Review of the Literature
This review investigates the variables and indices employed in the BLOS area in relation to the field of bicycle flow and comfort research and takes one step toward demonstrating the importance of the integration of similar research domains in theBLOS field to eliminate the aforementioned shortcomings.


Electric Bikes in North America
Results suggest that e-bikes enable users to bike more often, to travel longer distances, and to carry more cargo with them, and may increase the diversity of people bicycling, including people with disabilities or chronic injuries.
North America's First E-Bikeshare
An overview of the cycleUshare system is presented and it is indicated that e-bikesharing expanded user mobility and was effective in its capability to attract users to both regular bicycles and e- bikes and to expand user mobility.
Effects of e-bikes on bicycle use and mode share
Electric bikes - cycling in the New World City: an investigation of Australian electric bicycle owners and the decision making process for purchase
Electric bikes have the potential to overcome some of the barriers that prevent Australians from riding a conventional pedal bike. Electric bikes offer assistance to overcome hilly terrain or a lack
A comparative health and safety analysis of electric-assist and regular bicycles in an on-campus bicycle sharing system.
An overview of the cycleUshare system is presented and factors of speed and convenience play major roles in participant’s decisions to use the system, and speed and comfort are the most influential factors in selection of an e-bike over a regular bicycle.
Traffic Safety for Electric Bike Riders in China
The use of electric bikes (e-bikes) in China has grown tremendously in the past decade. Traffic safety for e-bike riders is an issue of growing public concern because the number of fatalities and
Comparison Study on Operating Speeds of Electric Bicycles and Bicycles
Electric bicycles, or e-bicycles, and bicycles share the nonmotorized lanes along both sides of avenues in many Chinese cities. With the help of an electromotor, the former usually have a higher
E-bikes and urban transportation: emerging issues and unresolved questions
A range of factors, including improvements in battery and motor technology coupled with innovative industrial design, are contributing to the emergence of electric bicycles (E-bikes) with greater
The Transition To Electric Bikes In China: History And Key Reasons For Rapid Growth
Annual electric bike (e-bike) sales in China grew from 40,000 in 1998 to 10 million in 2005. This rapid transition from human-powered bicycles and gasoline-powered scooters to an all-electric