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E-Learning as Worldwide Support to Education of Language and Culture for a small country’ s Diaspora

  title={E-Learning as Worldwide Support to Education of Language and Culture for a small country’ s Diaspora},
  author={Goran Hudec and Damir Kalpi{\'c} and Kristijan Zimmer},
Croatia is a country with relatively numerous emigr ant population and therefore one of its national st rategic commitments is to enhance connections with its Diaspora in order to nurture its national identity in t he era of globalisation. Important parts of this strategic co mmitment are educational programmes supported by the Croatian government. On higher education level, the re are 34 lector centres worldwide integrated into national university programmes. On the elementary education level… 

An Insight into E-Business Developments in Croatia

Smart identity cards containing personal identification numbers and electronically supported administrative activities towards the Government are prerequisites for full spreading of e-Business.



Design of educational web materials

Design of educational web materials includes the following segments: navigation, buttons, background, colour, fonts, images and animations, and some main principles of design are given.

A Blended Learning Approach to Course Design and Implementation

This paper describes both the technology for, and the methodological approach to, course design and development which is aimed at supporting the evolution from traditional teaching to active learning, and raising interest in the topics of e-learning and Web courseware development among IT students.


Foundations of Educational Theory for Online Learning di Mohamed Ally costituisce la parte introduttiva di Theory and practice of online learning, una guida curata da Terry Anderson e Fathi Elloumi e

More Efficient Learning on Web Courseware Systems

The research conducted on students at the University in Pula was attempted to establish whether there is a relationship between exam success and a type of online teaching material from which a student learns.

Design Workshop for Use of WebCT in Education of Teachers

  • J. ZuficD. Kalpić
  • Education
    2007 29th International Conference on Information Technology Interfaces
  • 2007
Experiences formed during training of the future primary-school students in design workshop using WebCT are described, which describe how a qualified teacher would create, organize, design and guide a quality distance learning process.

Introducing Adaptivity and Collaborative Support into a Web-Based LMS

The design and implementation of AHyCo (Adaptive Hy- permedia Courseware), a web-based learning management system based on adaptive hypermedia, is described and focuses on the design of the collaborative functionality which enables automatic grouping of students based on various criteria.

Designing e-learning materials with learning objects

Managing Technological Change: Strategies for Academic Leaders by Tony Bates

E-learning-development and setting up of an on-line course

Referral Center f or Development of Educational Materials”, MERLOT CFP:541

  • MERLOT International Conference,
  • 2005