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E-Learning: Paradigm Shift in Education

  title={E-Learning: Paradigm Shift in Education},
  author={Mayur S. Desai and Jeff G Hart and Thomas C. Richards},
  journal={Education 3-13},
Higher education is beginning to change in response to providing educational opportunities to an increasing diverse population of students. A new type of university emerged in the last 25 years which John Daniel (1996) thinks will hold lessons for the renewal of all universities. Called "mega-universities" since they enroll over 100,000 students each, they provide a powerful response to access and costs. The largest "mega-university" is the China Central Radio and Television University, with… 

Online college education for computer-savvy students: a study of perceptions and needs

With new technologies and cyberspace-literate students, distance education has been in high demand and more schools are getting into online education. As such, understanding the needs of current and

Multimedia Distance E-Learning System for Higher Education Students

This study focuses specifically on how distance learning will impact the learning of students taking online software engineering course that includes a lab and examines the ways that the teacher and the students will perceive the online course so as to be an effective and positive educational experience.

COVID-19: Challenges and Opportunities in the Online University Education

The COVID-19 pandemic had a very severe impact on the education both in schools and in universities. In the span of several weeks, educators around the world had to transform completely the teaching

E-Transformation in Higher Education and What It Coerces for the Faculty

With the phenomenal developments in information and communication technologies, higher education has been facing an unprecedented challenge that affects all the stakeholders. Faculty is no exception.

Pedagogy in Higher Education : A Constructivist Approach

Information and communication technology (ICT) has been an integral part of pedagogy in educational institutions in general and higher education in particular. My focus in this paper is to see how

Mobile Learning in Turkey: Trends, Potentials and Challenges

The results of the study revealed that mobile learning in graduate studies offer the potentials to positively effect on academic achievement, facilitate positive attitude towards mobile learning, increase motivation and developpositive attitude towards the course.

Mastering Distance Education in the Digital Age

This chapter explains the overview of distance education; the current issues and approaches in distance education; and the implications of distance education in the digital age. Distance education is

Mobile learning in Hong Kong teacher education: Pilot implementation and evaluation

To align with the international trend on using information and communications technology in education, the Hong Kong government has recently announced a policy to broadly implement e-learning in

The Effectiveness of Distance Learning (BlackBoard) in Pursuing the Educational Process at Taif University During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The results showed great effectiveness of BlackBoard in pursuing education from the viewpoints of faculty members, and to a very great degree from the students' point of view.



Strategic Choices for the Academy: How Demand for Lifelong Learning Will Re-Create Higher Education

Part One: The Bases for Change 1. Pressures on Higher Education in the Information Age 2. Strategic Change in the Wake of Controversy 3. Cultivating Internal Readiness for Change 4. Analyzing Global

Orientations to Teaching and Their Effect on the Quality of Student Learning

There exists now a voluminous literature that characterises "student learning." Of particular importance to this article are the attempts to categorise and classify underlying conceptions of student

Distance Education: A Systems View

This chapter discusses the history and present situation of distance education in the United States, as well as some of the issues raised in the recent presidential election.

Internet-Based Distance Education–The Administrator's Perspective

Investigation of the status of distance education at 68 higher education institutions reveals that the programs were still primarily asynchronous in their course delivery and needed more staffing and technical support and that program coordinators were experimenting with alternative forms of evaluation.

The mega-universities and knowledge media : technology strategies for higher education

University renewal for a new millennium challenges on campus the mega-universities the essentials of distance education universities and competitive advantage making technology attractive the

Online Education: Perspectives on a New Environment

From the Publisher: This groundbreaking volume offers a comprehensive introduction to educational computer-mediated communication (CMC) by presenting theoretical frameworks, design paradigms, and

An entrepreneurial logic for the new economy

Managers and entrepreneurs are increasingly being challenged to respond to a world where it is harder to effectively make and implement their decisions. Over half the decisions managers make are

The death of distance

in the US data particularly but also for example in many of the more forward-looking indicators of European economic activity that we are now in the early stages of global recovery. We cannot be sure