E-Buyer Beware: Why Online Auction Fraud Should Be Regulated

  title={E-Buyer Beware: Why Online Auction Fraud Should Be Regulated},
  author={M. Albert},
Well-settled principles of law, such as those encompassing fraud in its various forms, have long maintained their vitality, adapting to changes in the legal and business environments through judicial and legislative interpretation and intervention. Many of these changes have manifested themselves in the world of commerce. The creation and development of the Internet has resulted in significant changes in the way people engage in commerce. The increasing popularity of the Internet as a medium of… Expand
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Based on historical data, tradenable and eBay recommend that buyers and sellers use escrow services for transactions greater than $500
  • See eBtry Help: Communiry Standards: Escrow
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Direct negotiation on SquareTrade involves only the parties to the dispute; they negotiate through password-protected pages without a mediator. See Help-Dispute Resolution: Direct Negotiation
  • 2002
See Department qfCommerce and Federal Trade Commission's]ui:nt Workshop on Alternative Resolution for Online COll
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2002) for a step-by-step explanation of the escrow process; see also After theAuction··-Using Escrow
    258 According to Steve Abernathy, CEO and founder of Square Trade: What we've learned in our pilot with eBay is how to recognize and list common types
    • Bound To Happen: E-Commerce Disputes Spawn ClickNsettle
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        SquareTrade is offering its online dispute resolution service to eBay users for FREE for those items that sellforat least $100 during this pilot period
          We're also taking suggestions from online mediators and adding that to the list of solutions to different kinds of problems