Dystocia among women with symptomatic uterine rupture.

  title={Dystocia among women with symptomatic uterine rupture.},
  author={E F Hamilton and Emmanuel Bujold and Helen C. Mcnamara and Robert Gauthier and Robert W. Platt},
  journal={American journal of obstetrics and gynecology},
  volume={184 4},
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to analyze cervical dilatation patterns among women with uterine rupture by means of a mathematic model and to use the results to determine optimal intervention criteria. STUDY DESIGN This was a case-control review that compared a case patient group of 19 women with uterine rupture during labor with control groups with either no previous cesarean deliveries, vaginal birth after cesarean delivery, or failure of attempted vaginal birth after cesarean… CONTINUE READING


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