Dysrhythmias after direct-current cardioversion.

  title={Dysrhythmias after direct-current cardioversion.},
  author={Bernd Waldecker and Pedro Brugada and Manfred Zehender and William Gregory Stevenson and Hein J. J. Wellens},
  journal={The American journal of cardiology},
  volume={57 1},
The success rate of direct-current (DC) countershocks and postshock arrhythmias are of concern for the design of automatic devices. Results of 112 DC shocks for induced ventricular tachycardia/fibrillation (VT/VF) (n = 99) or atrial fibrillation (AF) were analyzed. Clinical and arrhythmia characteristics were related to the success rate of DC shocks as well as postshock arrhythmias. Sixty-one patients were men and 14 were women; mean age was 52 +/- 15 years. Coronary artery disease was present… CONTINUE READING