Dysregulation of thalamic sensory ‘transmission’ in schizophrenia: neurochemical vulnerability to hallucinations

  title={Dysregulation of thalamic sensory ‘transmission’ in schizophrenia: neurochemical vulnerability to hallucinations},
  author={R. Behrendt},
  journal={Journal of Psychopharmacology},
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  • R. Behrendt
  • Published 2006
  • Medicine, Psychology
  • Journal of Psychopharmacology
  • Cholinergic arousal mechanisms predispose thalamic and cortical neurons to fire action potentials at gamma rhythms, which have a tendency to resonate in thalamocortical networks, thereby forming coherent assemblies under constraints of sensory input to specific thalamic nuclei, on the one hand, and prefrontal and limbic attentional mechanisms, on the other. Perception may be based on sustained assemblies of coherent gamma oscillations in thalamocortical circuits. In schizophrenia, the impact of… CONTINUE READING
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