Dysphagia due to anterior cervical hyperosteophytosis.

  title={Dysphagia due to anterior cervical hyperosteophytosis.},
  author={Mark E. Oppenlander and Daniel A. Orringer and Frank La Marca and John E McGillicuddy and Stephen E. Sullivan and William F. Chandler and Paul Park},
  journal={Surgical neurology},
  volume={72 3},
  pages={266-70; discussion 270-1}
BACKGROUND Anterior cervical hyperosteophytosis describes the excessive formation of osteophytes along the ventral spine. Dysphagia due to ACH is considered an uncommon entity described mainly in case reports. Symptomatic ACH has been attributed to multiple etiologies including DISH, trauma, postlaminectomy syndromes, and cervical spondylosis. We report one of the largest series of patients with ACH-induced dysphagia requiring surgery. METHODS After IRB approval, a retrospective chart review… CONTINUE READING


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