Dysnatremia predicts a delayed recovery in collapsed ultramarathon runners.

  title={Dysnatremia predicts a delayed recovery in collapsed ultramarathon runners.},
  author={Tamara Dawn Hew-Butler and Karen A. Sharwood and Jeremy Boulter and Malcolm Collins and Ross Tucker and Jonathan Dugas and Rob Shave and Keith George and Timothy Cable and Joseph G. Verbalis and Timothy Noakes},
  journal={Clinical journal of sport medicine : official journal of the Canadian Academy of Sport Medicine},
  volume={17 4},
OBJECTIVE To assess (1) the incidence of dysnatremia in collapsed runners presenting to the medical tent of the 89-km Comrades Marathon and whether dysnatremia influences time to discharge, and (2) whether intravenous fluids could restore serum sodium concentration ([Na+]) to 140 mM faster than could the administration of oral fluids. DESIGN Prospective randomized controlled trial. SETTING 2005 Comrades Marathon. PARTICIPANTS One hundred thirty-three collapsed runners and 31 control-group… CONTINUE READING

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