Dyslipidaemia among type 2 diabetes mellitus patients in a rural hospital in Erode district, Tamilnadu.


Dyslipldaemia In diabetes mellitus is associated with atherosclerosls and higher risk of coronary vascular disease. The study was conducted to find out the dysllpidaemia pattern in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients (n=257) who visited the diabetic clinic in a rural medical college. The patients' case records were verified. Personal data and lipid profile data were collected. The classification of lipid molety was done by adopting Adult Treatment Panel III (ATP III). The difference between groups were considered as significant at p<0.05. The mean values of total cholesterol 186 mg/dl, low density Ilpoprotein (LDL) 101 mg/dl, triglycerides 173 mg/dl, high density Iipoprotein (HDL) 48 mg/dl. The most common dyslipidaemia observed in this study was hypertriglycerldaemia (56%), low HDL (52.9%), and total cholesterol/HDL ratio of >3.5 (76.7%). There was no significant difference of dyslipidaemia distribution in male and female. The study highlighted the emerging importance of LDL dyslipidaemia in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients and there is urgent need for managing LDL dyslipidaemia. The screening for dyslipidaemia in all diabetes mellitus patient is important in all levels of healthcare settings. Considering the higher prevalence, due emphasis may be paid by healthcare practitioners for educating the patients behaviour on diet and physical activities.

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