Dysfunctional survival-signaling and stress-intolerance in aged murine and human myocardium.

  title={Dysfunctional survival-signaling and stress-intolerance in aged murine and human myocardium.},
  author={Jason N. Peart and Salvatore Pepe and Melissa E. Reichelt and Nikkie Beckett and Louise See Hoe and Victoria Ozberk and Ingrid R. Niesman and Hemal H Patel and John P Headrick},
  journal={Experimental gerontology},
Changes in cytoprotective signaling may influence cardiac aging, and underpin sensitization to ischemic insult and desensitization to 'anti-ischemic' therapies. We tested whether age-dependent shifts in ischemia-reperfusion (I-R) tolerance in murine and human myocardium are associated with reduced efficacies and coupling of membrane, cytoplasmic and mitochondrial survival-signaling. Hormesis (exemplified in ischemic preconditioning; IPC) and expression of proteins influencing signaling/stress… CONTINUE READING


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