Dysfunctional connectivity patterns in chronic heroin users: an fMRI study.

  title={Dysfunctional connectivity patterns in chronic heroin users: an fMRI study.},
  author={Jixin Liu and Jimin Liang and W Qin and Jie Tian and Kai Yuan and Lijun Bai and Yi Zhang and Wei Wang and Yarong Wang and Qiang Li and Li-yan Zhao and Lin Lu and Karen M. Von Deneen and Yijun Liu and Mark S. Gold},
  journal={Neuroscience letters},
  volume={460 1},
Recent functional neuroimaging studies have examined cognitive inhibitory control, decision-making and stress regulation in heroin addiction using a cue-reactivity paradigm. Few studies have considered impairments in heroin users from an integrated perspective for evaluation of their brain functions. We hypothesized that the brain regions that are dysregulated in the chronic heroin users during cue-reactivity studies may also show dysfunctional connectivity in memory, inhibition and motivation… CONTINUE READING
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