Dysfunction of the ER chaperone BiP accelerates the renal tubular injury.

  title={Dysfunction of the ER chaperone BiP accelerates the renal tubular injury.},
  author={Keita Kimura and Hisayo Jin and Makoto Ogawa and Tomohiko Aoe},
  journal={Biochemical and biophysical research communications},
  volume={366 4},
Tubular-interstitial injury plays a key role in the progression of chronic kidney disease. Although endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress plays significant roles in the development of chronic diseases such as neurodegenerative disease, cardiomyopathy and diabetes mellitus, its pathophysiological role in chronic renal tubular cell injury remains unknown. BiP is an essential chaperone molecule that helps with proper protein folding in the ER. Recently, we have produced a knock-in mouse that expresses… CONTINUE READING


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