Dysfunction induced by ischemia versus edema: does edema matter?

  title={Dysfunction induced by ischemia versus edema: does edema matter?},
  author={Tanya L. Butler and Jonathan Egan and Fabian Graf and Carol G. Au and Aisling Clare McMahon and Kathryn N North and David S Winlaw},
  journal={The Journal of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery},
  volume={138 1},
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OBJECTIVES Recovery from pediatric cardiac surgery is affected by ischemia-reperfusion injury, cardiac edema, and in some cases a low cardiac output syndrome. Although association has been made between the development of edema and dysfunction, modeling is confounded by intercurrent injurious stimuli that also cause cardiac edema and dysfunction. We tested whether a true causal relationship exists between edema and cardiac dysfunction. METHODS We induced either ischemia or edema alone in… CONTINUE READING