Dyschondroplasia/osteochondrosis of the femoral trochanter in the fowl.

  title={Dyschondroplasia/osteochondrosis of the femoral trochanter in the fowl.},
  author={Steven R. Duff},
  journal={Journal of comparative pathology},
  volume={95 3},
Of 104 lame broilers, 12 birds with femoral trochanteric abnormalities were identified by post-mortem and radiographic examination. Defects occurred in ossification of either the trochanteric zenith or its medial aspect. Lesions were identified as dyschondroplasia, osteochondrosis or osteochondrosis dissecans affecting the articular surface of the femoral trochanter. In the absence of concomitant musculoskeletal disease, degrees of lameness can be attributed to trochanteric lesions. Breaches in… CONTINUE READING