Dysarthria of adult cerebral palsy: I. Intelligibility and articulatory impairment.

  title={Dysarthria of adult cerebral palsy: I. Intelligibility and articulatory impairment.},
  author={L J Platt and Gavin Andrews and Marteni Young and P T Quinn},
  journal={Journal of speech and hearing research},
  volume={23 1},
The speech intelligibility and articulatory impairment of 32 spastic and 18 athetoid males, aged 17-55, were examined. Selection was based on a definite diagnosis of cerebral palsy, and adequate intelligence, hearing, and ability to perform the required tasks. Two estimates of speech intelligibility were obtained from naive listeners: single words correctly recognized and prose intelligibility rating. Diadochokinetic (DDK) syllable rates and percent correct articulation of selected phonemes… CONTINUE READING

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