Dynorphin potentiation of [3H]CGP-39653 binding to rat brain membranes.

  title={Dynorphin potentiation of [3H]CGP-39653 binding to rat brain membranes.},
  author={Michel Dumont and Simon Lemaire},
  journal={European journal of pharmacology},
  volume={271 1},
Dynorphin A-(1-13) and related peptide fragments were tested for their ability to modulate the binding of the competitive NMDA receptor antagonist, [3H]2-amino-4-propyl-5-phosphono-3-pentanoic acid ([3H]CGP-39653), to rat brain membranes. Dynorphin A-(1-13) produced a dose-dependent (1 nM to 10 microM) potentiation of [3H]CGP-39653 binding. The potentiation was insensitive to the kappa-opioid receptor antagonist norbinaltorphimine and it was also observed with the non-opioid peptides dynorphin… CONTINUE READING


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