Dynawheel Stroke Rehabilitation with Android Games


The Dynawheel is a novel medical device designed to improve post-stroke therapy. Current rehabilitation techniques based on traditional tools such as stress balls and elastic bands produce no quality metrics or effective method of tracking the patient’s progress beyond the therapist’s subjective evaluation. This issue is resolved when smartphone applications are integrated with the Dynawheel. Two Android applications were designed and built to maximize the Dynawheel’s capabilities, to create an enjoyable, effective rehabilitation experience for patients, and to produce quality metrics that can be used by therapists and researchers to improve stroke rehabilitation. The games were written in the Lua programming language and debugged and tested using the Gideros game engine. Once the games were built, they were tested in clinical trials at the Johnson Rehabilitation Institute. The expert therapists were also able to provide much valuable feedback. The results of the trials were used to determine functionality and usability of the games. It was concluded that both games are usable, integrate well with the Dynawheel, and have the potential to dramatically improve post-stroke treatment.

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