Dynamics simulation of Remotely Operated Vehicle-Fiber Optic Micro Cable system


This paper presents an approach of modeling for Fiber Optic Micro Cable (FOMC), constructs a coupled nonlinear model for Remotely Operated Vehicle(ROV) connected with FOMC, and makes computer simulation at last. The model of FOMC takes use of the lumped mass method in which FOMC is considered to be a system of micro units connected by elastic non-mass spring. Four order Runge-Kutta method is used to work out the equation of FOMC and ROV kinematics and dynamics. Simulation includes tension distribution and shape of FOMC and the motion of ROV under the condition of disturbance of FOMC. The simulation result indicates that the FOMCpsilas influence to ROV can not be neglected while we discuss the control problem of ROV.

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