Dynamics of undulatory fluctuations of semiflexible filaments in a network.

  title={Dynamics of undulatory fluctuations of semiflexible filaments in a network.},
  author={Jonathan Kernes and Alex J. Levine},
  journal={Physical review. E},
  volume={102 6-1},
We study the dynamics of a single semiflexible filament coupled to a Hookean spring at its boundary. The spring produces a fluctuating tensile force on the filament, the value of which depends on the filament's instantaneous end-to-end length. The spring thereby introduces a nonlinearity, which mixes the undulatory normal modes of the filament and changes their dynamics. We study these dynamics using the Martin-Siggia-Rose-Janssen-De Dominicis formalism, and compute the time-dependent… 
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