Dynamics of topological solitons in models with nonlocal interactions.

  title={Dynamics of topological solitons in models with nonlocal interactions.},
  author={Georgy Leonidovich Alfimov and V. M. Eleonskii and Nikolai Kulagin and Nikolay V. Mitskevich},
  volume={3 3},
A nondissipative generalization of the sine-Gordon equation to cases with nonlocal interactions is analyzed. A model of this sort is shown to describe signal propagation in a Josephson transmission line with a nonlocal inductive coupling. The incorporation of nonlocal interactions changes the properties of the model in a qualitative way, leading in particular to the appearance of some new soliton entities: 2kpi kinks, where k greater, similar 1. These entities do not arise in a local model… CONTINUE READING