Dynamics of the electric current in an ideal electron gas: A sound mode inside the quasiparticles

  title={Dynamics of the electric current in an ideal electron gas: A sound mode inside the quasiparticles},
  author={Savso Grozdanov and Janos Polonyi},
  journal={Physical Review D},
We study the equation of motion for the Noether current in an electron gas within the framework of the Schwinger-Keldysh Closed-Time-Path formalism. The equation is shown to be highly non-linear and irreversible even for a non-interacting, ideal gas of electrons at non-zero density. We truncate the linearised equation of motion, written as the Laurent series in Fourier space, so that the resulting expressions are local in time, both at zero and at small finite temperatures. Furthermore, we show… 

Adiabatic hydrodynamics: the eightfold way to dissipation

A bstractHydrodynamics is the low-energy effective field theory of any interacting quantum theory, capturing the long-wavelength fluctuations of an equilibrium Gibbs densitymatrix. Conventionally,

Classification of magnetohydrodynamic transport at strong magnetic field

Magnetohydrodynamics is a theory of long-lived, gapless excitations in plasmas. It was argued from the point of view of fluid with higher-form symmetry that magnetohydrodynamics remains a consistent,

The Eightfold Way to Dissipation: Classification of Hydrodynamic Transport

Hydrodynamics is the low-energy effective field theory of any interacting quantum theory, capturing the long-wavelength fluctuations of an equilibrium Gibbs density matrix. Conventionally, one views

Constructing higher-order hydrodynamics: The third order

Hydrodynamics can be formulated as the gradient expansion of conserved currents in terms of the fundamental fields describing the near-equilibrium fluid flow. In the relativistic case, the

Generalized global symmetries in states with dynamical defects: The case of the transverse sound in field theory and holography

In this work, we show how states with conserved numbers of dynamical defects (strings, domain walls, etc.) can be understood as possessing generalised global symmetries even when the microscopic

Generalised global symmetries and magnetohydrodynamic waves in a strongly interacting holographic plasma

We begin the exploration of magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) in strongly coupled plasmas by constructing and analysing a holographic dual to a recent, generalised global symmetry-based formulation of

Thermalization/Relaxation in integrable and free field theories: an Operator Thermalization Hypothesis

Free or integrable theories are usually considered to be too constrained to thermalize. For example, the retarded two-point function of a free field, even in a thermal state, does not decay to zero

Holographic constraints on Bjorken hydrodynamics at finite coupling

A bstractIn large-Nc conformal field theories with classical holographic duals, inverse coupling constant corrections are obtained by considering higher-derivative terms in the corresponding gravity

Generalised global symmetries in holography: magnetohydrodynamic waves in a strongly interacting plasma

A bstractWe begin the exploration of holographic duals to theories with generalised global (higher-form) symmetries. In particular, we focus on the case of magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) in strongly

The fluid manifesto: emergent symmetries, hydrodynamics, and black holes

A bstractWe focus on the question of how relativistic fluid dynamics should be thought of as a Wilsonian effective field theory emerging from Schwinger-Keldysh path integrals. Taking the basic



Nonequilibrium quantum field theory

Bringing together the key ideas from nonequilibrium statistical mechanics and powerful methodology from quantum field theory, this 2008 book captures the essence of nonequilibrium quantum field

Field Theory of Non-Equilibrium Systems

1. Introduction 2. Bosons 3. Single particle quantum mechanics 4. Classical stochastic systems 5. Bosonic fields 6. Dynamics of collisionless plasma 7. Kinetics of Bose condensates 8. Dynamics of

Statistical Physics

Statistical Physics. By F. Mandl. Pp. xiii + 379. (Wiley: London and New York, July 1971.) £2.75. Statistical Physics. By A. Isihara. Pp. xv + 439. (Academic: New York and London, June 1971.) $18.50;


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Statistical Physics II: Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics

Electrodynamics of Particles and Plasmas


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