Dynamics of the effective mass and the anomalous velocity in two-dimensional lattices

  title={Dynamics of the effective mass and the anomalous velocity in two-dimensional lattices},
  author={Y. Fang and Federico Duque-Gomez and John E. Sipe},
  journal={Physical Review A},
The semiclassical description of the dynamics of wave packets in periodic potentials and subject to an applied force relies on the concepts of effective mass and anomalous transport. This picture is valid if the force changes slowly in time and space, so that the particle described by the wave packet has time to respond according to the properties of the lattice. We analyze the dynamical corrections to this picture when a uniform force is suddenly applied, identifying separate corrections to… 

Probing Topological Floquet-Bands and Quantum Magnetism with Ultracold Fermions

Complex quantum many-body systems are ubiquitous in nature, yet their behaviour often remains very challenging to predict with analytical or numerical calculations. In this thesis a different

The Bloch Electron Response to Electric Fields: Application to Graphene

The theory of Bloch electron dynamics for carriers in homogeneous electric fields of arbitrary time dependence is developed in consideration of the electronic transport properties in graphene. The

Experimental study of effective mass and spin-orbitals energy of Al2O3/NiO nanoheterostructure material.

The study gives insight to the exciton dynamics and calculation of orbital energy for the nanoheterostructure materials and observes that the Al2O3/NiO is an anisotropic material.

Ensemble properties of charge carriers injected by an ultrashort laser pulse

The average effective mass of charge carriers produced by an intense ultrashort laser pulse in a transparent solid increases significantly as the excitation mechanism changes from multiphoton



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Symmetry Principles in Solid State and Molecular Physics


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