Dynamics of the birational maps arising from F0 and dP3 quivers

  title={Dynamics of the birational maps arising from F0 and dP3 quivers},
  author={In{\^e}s Cruz and Helena Mena-Matos and M. Esmeralda Sousa-Dias},
  journal={Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications},
Abstract The dynamics of the maps associated to F 0 and d P 3 quivers is studied in detail. We show that the corresponding reduced symplectic maps are conjugate to globally periodic maps by providing explicit conjugations. The dynamics in R + N of the original maps is obtained by lifting the dynamics of these globally periodic maps and the solution of the discrete dynamical systems generated by each map is given. A better understanding of the dynamics is achieved by considering first integrals… 
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10.1007/978-1-4419-9126-3 Copyright owner: Springer Science+Buisness Media, LLC, 2010 Data set: Springer Source Springer Monographs in Mathematics The rich subject matter in this book brings in
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