Dynamics of tethered membranes in inviscid flow

  title={Dynamics of tethered membranes in inviscid flow},
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Membrane flutter in three-dimensional inviscid flow
We develop a model and numerical method to study the large-amplitude flutter of rectangular membranes (of zero bending rigidity) that shed a trailing vortex-sheet wake in a three-dimensional (3D)
Dynamics of flags over wide ranges of mass and bending stiffness
  • S. Alben
  • Physics
    Physical Review Fluids
  • 2022
There have been many studies of the instability of a flexible plate or flag to flapping motions, and of large-amplitude flapping. Here we use inviscid simulations and a linearized model to study more
A finite-difference ghost-point multigrid method for multi-scale modelling of sorption kinetics of a surfactant past an oscillating bubble
We propose a method for the numerical solution of a multiscale model describing sorption kinetics of a surfactant around an oscillating bubble. The evolution of the particles is governed by a


Eigenmode analysis of membrane stability in inviscid flow
We study the instability of a thin membrane (of zero bending rigidity) to out-of-plane deflections, when the membrane is immersed in an inviscid fluid flow and sheds a trailing vortex-sheet wake. We
Large-amplitude membrane flutter in inviscid flow
We study the large-amplitude flutter of membranes (of zero bending rigidity) with vortex sheet wakes in two-dimensional inviscid fluid flows. We apply small initial deflections and track their
Flapping states of a flag in an inviscid fluid: bistability and the transition to chaos.
The linear stability domain is computed which agrees with previous approximate models in scaling but differs by large multiplicative factors, and hysteresis is found, in agreement with previous experiments.
Flapping dynamics of a flag in a uniform stream
We consider the flapping stability and response of a thin two-dimensional flag of high extensional rigidity and low bending rigidity. The three relevant non-dimensional parameters governing the
Flag flutter in inviscid channel flow
Using nonlinear vortex-sheet simulations, we determine the region in parameter space in which a straight flag in a channel-bounded inviscid flow is unstable to flapping motions. We find that for
Aeroelastic instability of cantilevered flexible plates in uniform flow
We address the flutter instability of a flexible plate immersed in an axial flow. This instability is similar to flag flutter and results from the competition between destabilizing pressure forces
On the stability of two-dimensional membrane wings
Simulating the dynamics of flexible bodies and vortex sheets
A numerical analysis of membrane stability in air flow is presented. The flow is treated as incompressible and potential. The divergent type and the flutter type of the loss of stability are studied.
Flexible filaments in a flowing soap film as a model for one-dimensional flags in a two-dimensional wind
The dynamics of swimming fish and flapping flags involves a complicated interaction of their deformable shapes with the surrounding fluid flow, and it is found that, for a single filament, there are two distinct, stable dynamical states.