Dynamics of spacing shifts

  title={Dynamics of spacing shifts},
  author={John Banks and Thị Thanh Tuyền Nguyễn and Piotr Oprocha and Brett J. Stanley and Belinda Trotta},
  • John Banks, Thị Thanh Tuyền Nguyễn, +2 authors Belinda Trotta
  • Published 2013
  • Mathematics
  • Spacing subshifts were introduced by Lau and Zame in 1973 to provide accessible examples of maps that are (topologically) weakly mixing but not mixing. Although they show a rich variety of dynamical characteristics, they have received little subsequent attention in the dynamical systems literature. This paper is a systematic study of their dynamical properties and shows that they may be used to provide examples of dynamical systems with a huge range of interesting dynamical behaviors. In a… CONTINUE READING

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