Dynamics of rifting and modes of extension on icy satellites

  title={Dynamics of rifting and modes of extension on icy satellites},
  author={F. Nimmo},
  journal={Journal of Geophysical Research},
  • F. Nimmo
  • Published 2004
  • Geology
  • Journal of Geophysical Research
  • [1] A simple numerical model of extension in icy satellite shells is developed. Thinning of the ice weakens the shell, promoting further extension. If lateral flow in the lower part of the shell is unimportant, extension is opposed and wide rifts are generated; if lateral flow is rapid, localized extension is favored and narrow rifts are produced. Thick shells or high strain rates favor the development of narrow rifts; low strain rates favor wide rifting. It is proposed that bands, extensional… CONTINUE READING

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