[Dynamics of pathomorphologic changes in experimental allergic encephalomyelitis].


The new method of simultaneous identification of myelin degradation products and cellular elements in the demyelinated nervous tissue allowed one to determine some previously unknown regularities in the interaction of demyelination and inflammation processes during experimentally induced allergic encephalomyelitis. The most significant feature in the pathomorphology of this disease is shown to be the change in osmiophilia and the amount of myelin degradation products in the demyelination foci, with every stage of periaxonal changes corresponding to a certain type of cellular reactions. A close relation is revealed between the demyelination and inflammation processes determining the structure of demyelination foci at different stages of the disease.

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@article{Khizhniak1987DynamicsOP, title={[Dynamics of pathomorphologic changes in experimental allergic encephalomyelitis].}, author={M G Khizhniak and Iu L Zhitnukhin and Gennagiy Konovalov}, journal={Arkhiv patologii}, year={1987}, volume={49 3}, pages={54-60} }