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Dynamics of nonlinear snap--through chains with application to energy harvesting and wave propagation

  title={Dynamics of nonlinear snap--through chains with application to energy harvesting and wave propagation},
  author={Smruti Ranjan Panigrahi},
DYNAMICS OF NONLINEAR SNAP–THROUGH CHAINS WITH APPLICATION TO ENERGY HARVESTING AND WAVE PROPAGATION By Smruti Ranjan Panigrahi There is much current research interest in nonlinear structures, smart materials, and metamaterials, that incorporate bistable, or snap-through, structural elements. Various applications include energy harvesting, energy dissipation, vibration absorption, vibration isolation, targeted energy transfer, bandgap design and metamaterials. In this dissertation, we explore… 


Dynamics of periodic mechanical structures containing bistable elastic elements: from elastic to solitary wave propagation.
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