Dynamics of fibers in a wide microchannel.

  title={Dynamics of fibers in a wide microchannel.},
  author={Agnieszka M Słowicka and Maria L. Ekiel-Jeżewska and Krzysztof Sadlej and Eligiusz Wajnryb},
  journal={The Journal of chemical physics},
  volume={136 4},
Dynamics of single flexible non-Brownian fibers, tumbling in a Poiseuille flow between two parallel solid plane walls, is studied with the use of the HYDROMULTIPOLE numerical code, based on the multipole expansion of the Stokes equations, corrected for lubrication. Fibers, which are closer to a wall, more flexible (less stiff) or longer, deform more significantly and, for a wide range of the system parameters, they faster migrate towards the middle plane of the channel. For the considered… CONTINUE READING