Dynamics of axisymmetric bodies rising along a zigzag path

  title={Dynamics of axisymmetric bodies rising along a zigzag path},
  author={Pedro Castro Fernandes and Patricia Ern and Fr{\'e}d{\'e}ric Risso and Jacques Magnaudet},
The forces and torques governing the planar zigzag motion of thick, slightly buoyant disks rising freely in a liquid at rest are determined by applying the generalized Kirchhoff equations to experimental measurements of the body motion performed for a single body-to-fluid density ratio ρ s /ρ f ≈ 1. The evolution of the amplitude and phase of the various contributions is discussed as a function of the two control parameters, i.e. the body aspect ratio (the diameter-to-thickness ratio ℵ = d/ h… CONTINUE READING