Dynamics of anisotropic exciton hopping in molecular crystals

  title={Dynamics of anisotropic exciton hopping in molecular crystals},
  author={Panos Argyrakis and Alexander Blumen and Raoul Kopelman and Gert Zumofen},
  • Panos Argyrakis, Alexander Blumen, +1 author Gert Zumofen
  • Published 1984
  • Chemistry
  • sensitive to the chemical nature of the substrate (whereas SIMS fragmentation patterns appear to be relatively insensitive to the substrate material). TMS modified Si02 exhibits a trimethylsilyl parent ion signal as well as methyl-deficient fragment ions under 1 .O-keV electron bom- bardment. The modified TiO, surface, however, appears to be more stable toward electron bombardment, yielding 

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