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Dynamics of an ultra-fast Thomson-actuated HVDC breaker

  title={Dynamics of an ultra-fast Thomson-actuated HVDC breaker},
  author={Miguel A. Sanchez},
High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) is a rapidly growing form of power transmission that offers advantages with respect to conventional AC networks. One of the key elements that will allow the generalization of the HVDC grids is the Circuit Breaker (CB), which has to interrupt high DC currents in extremely short times. The use of a Thomson coil (TC) to generate high driving forces is being considered as a suitable working principle for the mechanical actuator inside the CB. This thesis presents… 

Design and Implementation of LVDC Hybrid Circuit Breaker

A new low-voltage hybrid circuit breaker topology is proposed for dc distribution grids, and the effectiveness of the proposed solution is proven by means of experimental results obtained using a prototype.



A Fast Mechanical Switch for Medium-Voltage Hybrid DC and AC Circuit Breakers

This paper presents the design and experimental results of a Thomson coil-based fast mechanical switch for hybrid ac and dc circuit breakers rated at 30-kV voltage and 630-A current. The compact

Research on Operating Mechanism for Ultra-Fast 40.5-kV Vacuum Switches

The continuous development of the voltage-source-converter-based multiterminal high-voltage direct-current transmission system has led to a great need for dc circuit breakers to isolate short-circuit

HVDC Circuit Breakers: A Review Identifying Future Research Needs

  • C. Franck
  • Physics
    IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery
  • 2011
The continuously increasing demand for electric power and the economic access to remote renewable energy sources such as off-shore wind power or solar thermal generation in deserts have revived the

A Medium-Voltage Hybrid DC Circuit Breaker—Part II: Ultrafast Mechanical Switch

This paper presents the test results of an ultrafast (less than 2 ms) medium-voltage hybrid dc circuit breaker prototype that consists of three switching devices: a 15-kV silicon carbide (SiC)

Drive circuits for ultra-fast and reliable actuation of Thomson coil actuators used in hybrid AC and DC circuit breakers

Thomson coil actuators (also known as repulsion coil actuators) are well suited for vacuum circuit breakers when fast operation is desired such as for hybrid AC and DC circuit breaker applications.

Comparison of Two Ultra-Fast Actuator Concepts

In this paper, two different types of ultra-fast electromechanical actuators are compared using a multi-physical finite element simulation model that has been experimentally validated. They are

HVDC Systems in Smart Grids

An overview of the evolution of high-voltage dc (HVDC) transmission from early Thury systems, to modern ultrahigh- voltage dc and multiterminal voltage–source converter systems and key developments over the last 20 years are highlighted.

A vacuum circuit-breaker with permanent magnetic actuator for frequent operations

  • E. Dullni
  • Physics
    Proceedings ISDEIV. 18th International Symposium on Discharges and Electrical Insulation in Vacuum (Cat. No.98CH36073)
  • 1998
Vacuum circuit-breakers have obtained a high level of performance, reliability and safety. This is mostly owed to the advantages of current interruption in vacuum. However, the design of the

The Alternating Evolution of DC Power Transmission [Historical]

  • M. Guarnieri
  • Engineering
    IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine
  • 2013
After more than one century of evolution of alternating current (ac) and thanks to the competitive costs of alternators and transformers, today a great majority of electricity is produced,