Dynamics of a semiflexible polymer or polymer ring in shear flow.

  title={Dynamics of a semiflexible polymer or polymer ring in shear flow.},
  author={Philipp Lang and Benedikt Obermayer and Erwin Frey},
  journal={Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics},
  volume={89 2},
Polymers exposed to shear flow exhibit a remarkably rich tumbling dynamics. While rigid rods rotate on Jeffery orbits, a flexible polymer stretches and coils up during tumbling. Theoretical results show that in both of these asymptotic regimes the corresponding tumbling frequency f(c) in a linear shear flow of strength γ scales as a power law Wi(2/3) in the Weissenberg number Wi = γτ, where τ is a characteristic time of the polymer's relaxational dynamics. For a flexible polymer these… 
Ring polymer dynamics and tumbling-stretch transitions in planar mixed flows.
This paper maps the conformational behaviors at a number of flow geometries and strengths, demonstrating transitions between coiled, tumbling, and stretched regimes and observing a marked first-order-like transition between tumbling and stretched polymers that is consistent with how linear chains respond to mixed flows.
Morphological transitions of elastic filaments in shear flow
The results pave the way for a better understanding of biophysical processes, as well as the rheology of sheared soft materials, and provide a theoretical framework for the exploration of the dynamics of dilute and semidilute suspensions.
Hydrodynamic inflation of ring polymers under shear
Hydrodynamic interactions can dramatically influence the dynamics of fully flexible, ring-shaped polymers in ways unknown for any other polymer architecture or topology. Tumbling under shear is a
Conformation and Dynamics of Individual Star in Shear Flow and Comparison with Linear and Ring Polymers
How polymers with different architectures respond to shear stress is a key issue to develop a fundamental understanding of their dynamical behaviors. We investigate the conformation, orientation,
Trefoil Knot Hydrodynamic Delocalization on Sheared Ring Polymers
The behavior of unknotted and trefoil-knotted ring polymers under shear flow is here examined by means of mesoscopic simulations. In contrast to most polymers, ring polymers in a hydrodynamic solvent
Disentangling entanglements in biopolymer solutions
Brownian dynamics simulations of entangled solutions of semiflexible polymers show that curvilinear motion along a tube (reptation) is no longer the dominant mode of dynamics, and it is found that polymers disentangle due to correlated constraint release, which leads to equilibration of internal bending modes before polymers diffuse the full tube length.
Effects of excluded volume and hydrodynamic interaction on the deformation, orientation and motion of ring polymers in shear flow.
The results show that in the absence of the strong excluded volume interaction, the ring polymer prefers a two-strand linear conformation with high deformation and orientation in the flow-gradient plane, and the tank-treading motion is nearly negligible.
Nonequilibrium molecular dynamics study of ring polymer melts under shear and elongation flows: A comparison with their linear analogs
We present detailed results for the structural and rheological properties of unknotted and unconcatenated ring polyethylene (PE) melts under shear and elongation flows via direct atomistic
Ring Polymer Dynamics Are Governed by a Coupling between Architecture and Hydrodynamic Interactions
The behavior of linear polymer chains in dilute solution flows has an established history. Polymers often possess more complex architectures, however, such as branched, dendritic, or ring structures.


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