Dynamics of a quantum measurement

  title={Dynamics of a quantum measurement},
  author={Armen E. Allahverdyan and Roger Balian and Theo M. Nieuwenhuizen},
  journal={Physica E-low-dimensional Systems \& Nanostructures},
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The Quantum Measurement Process; natural emergence of classicality in measurement processes
This report discusses the role of measurement in quantum mechanics and its interpretative aspects. It will review a realistic model of the measurement of a spin1 2 particle, displaying spontaneous


The Problem of Measurement
The standard theory of measurements in quantum mechanics is reviewed with special emphasis on the conceptual and epistemological implications. It is concluded that the standard theory remains the
Bell’s theorem without inequalities
It is demonstrated that the premisses of the Einstein–Podolsky–Rosen paper are inconsistent when applied to quantum systems consisting of at least three particles. The demonstration reveals that the
On the principles of quantum mechanics and the reduction of the wave packet
The principles of quantum mechanics are reviewed in a form where the concept of state appears both more transparent and more general than in current textbooks. The so‐called reduction of the wave
Quantum theory and measurement
The forty-nine papers collected here illuminate the meaning of quantum theory as it is disclosed in the measurement process. Together with an introduction and a supplemental annotated bibliography,
Statistical Mechanics:
AbstractPROF. R. H. FOWLER'S monumental work on statistical mechanics has, in this the second edition, in his own modest words, been rearranged and brought more up to date. But the new volume is much
Incomplete descriptions and relevant entropies
Statistical mechanics relies on the complete although probabilistic description of a system in terms of all its microscopic variables. Its object is to derive from this microscopic description the
Optimal Measuring Apparatus
An upper limit for the accuracy of the measurement of a simple quantity which does not commute with a conserved quantity is obtained in terms of the "size" of the apparatus. The "size" of the
Statistical Mechanics (2nd edn)
Joseph Edward Mayer and Maria Goeppert Mayer Chichester: J Wiley 1977 pp xv + 491 price £17.50 A complete revision of the well-known first edition of 1940. Although restructured and substantially
Die Messung quantenmechanischer Operatoren
ZusammenfassungDie übliche Annahme der statistischen Deutung der Quantenmechanik, daß alle hermiteschen Operatoren meßbare Größen darstellen, wird wohl allgemein als eine bequeme mathematische
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  • 2003