Dynamics of a competitive Lotka-Volterra system with three delays

  title={Dynamics of a competitive Lotka-Volterra system with three delays},
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Bifurcation Analysis in an n-Dimensional Diffusive Competitive Lotka-Volterra System with Time Delay
The stability and Hopf bifurcation of an n-dimensional competitive Lotka–Volterra diffusion system with time delay and homogeneous Dirichlet boundary condition is investigated and there exists a positive nonconstant steady state solution satisfying the given asymptotic expressions.
Chaos in a nonautonomous eco-epidemiological model with delay
Spatiotemporal Dynamics and Hopf Bifurcation in a Delayed Diffusive Intraguild Predation Model with Holling II Functional Response
It is revealed that the time delay has a destabilizing effect in the intraguild predation model dynamics and a phenomenon of Hopf bifurcation occurs when the delay increases through a certain threshold, which is induced by Hopf instability.
Dynamical Behavior of a Stage Structured Prey–Predator Model with Two Delays and Monod–Haldane Functional Response
In this paper, a new stage structured prey–predator model with Monod–Haldane functional response is proposed and the stages for predator have been considered. The proposed mathematical model consists
Dynamical behaviors for a competition and cooperation model of enterprises with two delays
Dynamical behaviors for a competition and cooperation model of two enterprises with two delays are investigated and it is shown that the complex Hopf bifurcation phenomenon at the positive equilibrium of the system can occur as the diverse delay crosses some critical values.
A delayed prey–predator system with prey subject to the strong Allee effect and disease
In this article, an eco-epidemiological model with strong Allee effect in prey population growth is presented by a system of delay differential equations. The time lag in terms of the delay parameter


Stability and Bifurcation for a Delayed Predator–Prey Model and the Effect of Diffusion☆
Abstract We consider a predator–prey system with one or two delays and a unique positive equilibrium E∗. Its dynamics are studied in terms of the local stability of E∗ and of the description of the
Hopf bifurcation and global periodic solutions in a delayed predator-prey system
Convergence Results in a Well-Known Delayed Predator-Prey System
Abstract In this paper, we provide a detailed and explicit procedure of obtaining some regions of attraction for the positive steady state (assumed to exist) of a well known Lotka–Volterra type
Periodic Time-Dependent Predator-Prey Systems
The general system of differential equations describing predator-prey dynamics is modified by the assumption that the coefficients are periodic functions of time. By use of standard techniques of