Dynamics of Ethylene Production in Response to Compatible Nod Factor.

  title={Dynamics of Ethylene Production in Response to Compatible Nod Factor.},
  author={Dugald E Reid and Huijun Liu and Simon Kelly and Yasuyuki Kawaharada and Terry Mun and Stig Uggerh\oj Andersen and Guilhem Desbrosses and Jens Stougaard},
  journal={Plant physiology},
  volume={176 2},
Establishment of symbiotic nitrogen-fixation in legumes is regulated by the plant hormone ethylene, but it has remained unclear whether and how its biosynthesis is regulated by the symbiotic pathway. We established a sensitive ethylene detection system for Lotus japonicus and found that ethylene production increased as early as 6 hours after inoculation with Mesorhizobium loti This ethylene response was dependent on Nod factor production by compatible rhizobia. Analyses of nodulation mutants… CONTINUE READING


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