Dynamics of Entanglement in Qubit-Qutrit with x-Component of DM Interaction

  title={Dynamics of Entanglement in Qubit-Qutrit with x-Component of DM Interaction},
  author={Kapil K. Sharma and S. Pandey},
  journal={Communications in Theoretical Physics},
In this present paper, we study the entanglement dynamics in qubit A-qutrit B pair under x component of Dzyaloshinshkii–Moriya interaction (Dx) by taking an auxiliary qubit C. Here, we consider an entangled qubit-qutrit pair initially prepared in two parameter qubit-qutrit states and one auxiliary qubit prepared in pure state interacts with the qutrit of the pair through DM interaction. We trace away the auxiliary qubit and calculate the reduced dynamics in qubit A-qutrit B pair to study the… 
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