Dynamics and thermodynamics of the low-temperature strongly interacting Bose gas.

  title={Dynamics and thermodynamics of the low-temperature strongly interacting Bose gas.},
  author={Nir Navon and Swann Piatecki and Kenneth G{\"u}nter and Benno S. Rem and Trong Canh Nguyen and F. Chevy and Werner Krauth and Christophe Salomon},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={107 13},
We measure the zero-temperature equation of state of a homogeneous Bose gas of (7)Li atoms by analyzing the in situ density distributions of trapped samples. For increasing repulsive interactions our data show a clear departure from mean-field theory and provide a quantitative test of the many-body corrections first predicted in 1957 by Lee, Huang, and Yang [Phys. Rev. 106, 1135 (1957).]. We further probe the dynamic response of the Bose gas to a varying interaction strength and compare it to… Expand
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