Dynamics and regulation of the southern brook trout ( Salvelinusfontinalis ) populationinanAppalachianstream

  title={Dynamics and regulation of the southern brook trout ( Salvelinusfontinalis ) populationinanAppalachianstream},
  author={Gary Grossman and Robert E. Ratajczak and C Michael Wagner and J. Todd Petty},
1. We used information theoretic statistics [Akaike’s Information Criterion (AIC)] and regression analysis in a multiple hypothesis testing approach to assess the processes capable of explaining long-term demographic variation in a lightly exploited brook trout population in Ball Creek, NC. We sampled a 100-m-long second-order site during both spring and autumn 1991–2004, using three-pass electrofishing. 2. Principle component analysis indicated that the site had lower average velocity, greater… CONTINUE READING
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