Dynamics and optimization of a 2-Dof parallel robot with flexible links


Dynamics analysis and optimization of a 2-DOF parallel robot with flexible links for high-speed pick-and-place operation was investigated. The robot named Diamond robot is composed of two limbs, each essentially consisting of two sets of parallelograms with an elbow in between. The governing equation of motion of a flexible link was formulated in the floating frame of reference using Euler-Lagrange method. These equations were then transformed into a FEM model of the whole system. Modal analysis presents the dynamic performance and throws light on elasto-dynamics optimization aimed to manipulate in higher speed with high accuracy. A method to indicate the robot dynamics was built on classified natural frequencies according to their modes. Elasto-dynamics optimization is good effect on improving the dynamics of the robot. The skeleton is universal to dynamics analysis and design of any Pick-and-place robot with flexible links.

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